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How to Identify your Ideal Customer?

This difference of personal choices, that what makes us unique individuals, is what can make building and marketing your product a difficult process.

Carrying on from our last conversation on “Why it’s important to identify your ideal customer”, we look at how to do that, in this edition.

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How to Identify your Ideal Customer?

Try and think of something that you know absolutely everybody likes. What did you think of? Dogs? People can be afraid of them or prefer cats. Holidays? For some, a vacation actually stresses some people. Chocolate? As weird as it might be, not everybody loves it. Even the ones who do, which one do they prefer – milk, dark or white?

It’s literally impossible to think of something, right? People are different—we all prefer, want, and require different things.

Our preferences and choices are motivated by our past experiences, thoughts, and personalities.

This difference of personal choices, that what makes us unique individuals, is what can make building and marketing your product a difficult process.

Here are some questions you can start with, to understand who your ideal customer will be –

1. Define your product or service from the customer’s point of view. What does your product do for your ideal customer? What problems does your product solve for your customers? What needs of your customer does your product satisfy? How does your product improve your customer’s life or work?

2. Define the ideal customer for what you sell. What is his or her age, education, occupation or business? What is his or her income or financial situation? What is his or her situation today in life or work?

3. Determine the specific benefits your customer is seeking in buying your product. Of all the benefits you offer, which are the most important to your ideal customer? What are the most pressing needs that your product or service satisfies? Why should your customer buy from you rather than from someone else?

4. Determine the location of your exact customer. Where is your customer located geographically? Where does your customer live or work? Where is your customer when he or she buys your product or service?

5. Determine exactly when your ideal customer buys your product or service. What has to happen in the life or work of your customer for him to buy your product? What time of year, season, month or week does your customer buy?

6. Determine your customer’s buying strategy. How does your customer buy your product or service? How has your customer bought similar products or services in the past? What is your customer’s buying strategy? How does your customer go about making a buying decision for your product?In Peter Ducker’s Five Most Important Questions, questions two and three are: “who is our customer?” and “what does the customer value?” These come right after the question, “what is our mission?”

“The purpose of a company is to create a customer. the only profit center is the customer”

Peter Drucker

In the next edition, we’ll take a look at creating these “ideal customer” personas and the tools to help you do that.

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