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What is The Guide?

We get that starting and running a business is as difficult as going to space. Well actually, statistically, humans have a much better track record of going to space successfully compared to running businesses.
However, since you are running a business, Ekahal and The Guide are here to help.
The Guide is a bi-weekly newsletter that takes up common business problems and dives deep into the solutions. 

About Ekahal

At Ekahal (the Think Studio behind The Guide), we love working with businesses, small or large, to help them grow and solve their problems.   We have Tech, Marketing, Design, and Operational expertise to help your business skyrocket! 

Some of our clients include –

Cooking Classes
Order Cakes Online

About the Authors

We love businesses and we love solving problems. Technology, Design, Marketing, and Operations are just the mediums for us, but what we love is Problem Solving, especially for humans and businesses!

With every edition, we take 1 business problem and go deep into the solutions!

Bhavesh Dulani
Partner – Ekahal

Over the few years where we have been running our businesses, we found that focusing on one business problem at a time worked wonders for our end results.
Fortunately for us, we have 3 people on the team to get enough bandwidth to do this.

This is our way to be the extra team members for you, to get outstanding results.

Manan Vora
Partner – Ekahal