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How to create an ideal customer’s persona? [Template Included]

This process of creating a customer persona can get very overwhelming. So, we took serious efforts to simplify this process and make this doable and put it all together in one simple Google Sheets document. (Download link at the bottom)

Once you have identified your ideal customer, it is important to create a complete persona of the customer. 

What is an ideal customer’s persona?

A customer persona is a way for you to categorize your “ideal” customer(s) and understand everything about them – personally & professionally. It will help you to learn about their habits, behaviors, and interests. Using this information, you can get a better insight into your existing customers and also, create a better process and to acquire new customers.

Look at it this way – if all the characteristics of your customers form a sphere, then this persona should fit centrally with the most common characteristics of all your customers.

We have seen why you need to identify your ideal customer, but why do you need to identify their persona?

How does a customer persona help?


Knowing your customer will give you an understanding of their buying motive – simply put – why exactly do they buy your product/service.

This will let you enhance your offering to solve your customers’ pain points and problems that have been identified. 


Personalize your communication and channels based on the interests of your customers

Identify the right marketing channels and social media platforms –

If your customer persona is an 18-year-old student who uses Tik-Tok on a regular basis, you should ensure that you try to understand the platform and have some presence on Tik-Tok as well.

Improve your content and ad marketing strategy to focus on delivering your brand’s message in a personalized manner –

Creating targeted messages isn’t just a good idea, it’s what people want. Just over half (52%) of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t make an effort to personalize its communications.


Get an insight into the proportion of marketing efforts required on physical and digital mediums. 

Increase your marketing ROI by dedicatedly targeting people who are close to your customer’s persona.


Empower your sales team with insights into the customers’ spending habits and influencers to create a focussed pitch. 

By understanding their reason for making a purchase, you can tailor your strategy to prioritize and emphasize these elements.

How do you create a customer persona?

This process of creating a customer persona, when you start thinking about what data points to collect and how you’ll go about collecting and summarizing them, can get very overwhelming. 

Why do we say that? We’ve gone through it.

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The idea is to create a concrete character that anyone in your company can use to better understand the customers.

So, we took serious efforts to simplify this process and make this doable and put it all together in one simple Google Sheets document. 

You can download it here – 

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The data points mentioned here are indicative and you’ll always have an edge if you’re able to collect more information about your customers. The idea is to go personal and extract as much information about them as you can.

We personally like this template as it’s easy and yet informative. But there are several other freely available tools but the best ones are listed down:

We’d love to hear from you about any experiences you had while creating such personas (or even with this one). 

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